Exploring New Places

It really doesn’t matter if the place has been previously seen by anybody else or not, because in reality, it’s YOUR first time seeing it. When getting ready to explore the other side of that mountain, climb to a higher peak, dive lower than before or find new wildlife & plants in the forest near your house it matters what you bring and will vary based on the type of activity and experience needed.

Some essentials for any exploration would be:

  • Bottled Water – because you can never be too hydrated. Just kidding… Don’t drink too much water, because over hydration is definitely real no matter how experienced or tough¬†you think you are. Bring plenty of water and drink it as needed.
  • First Aid Kit – I can’t stress enough the importance of preparation on the medical side of things. Going to explore a canyon? There are poisonous snakes! Checking out the forest for new wildlife? You might just find that wild life in a form of a venomous snake! Make sure to be prepared and also do a brief search to find out what types of wild dangers there are, may that be snakes, bears, wolfs or even tigers!
  • Directions and Maps – Some of you might be saying that direction beat the purpose of exploring! Let me ask you this… Do you see and experience any place just by having directions? Of course not! Otherwise you’d be able to explore the world without ever physically travelling it. Directions and proper navigation is very important especially when exploring unknown places (no the forest in your back yard). There are tons of navigation devices available for hikers, climbers and explorers. Be sure to check the out before you get too adventurous and get lost somewhere. Moving on…
  • Trusted Companion – I cannot tell you how many times I, personally, have been too proud to ask a friend to hike with me and It has proven to be a mistake, after I got lost in the woods and spent the night there. Wolves were hauling and birds screaming like crazy! It’s no joke where you’re alone, so be sure to bring a friend and explore together.
  • Communication Device – Yes, yes! I know that you’re probably trying to get away from it all and spend some time without civilization in your face, but let’s face it… You need to communicate and keep people from worrying about your well being. I’m not saying that you should spend the whole time walking around with your face inside of the phone browsing through your social media, but simply to check in with the world and people you’re currently away from.

Some or all of the things I’ve outlined above might come naturally to some, but not others. You might also say that it’s all just common sense, but let me tell ya… Common sense isn’t so common any more… I’m all about seeing new places and experiencing new things, I just want to advocate doing it safely and being prepared for pretty much anything an adventure can throw at your face. Pack light, but pack smart.

As you might already know… It’s hard to keep a thing going without any support and I want to thank Photo Booth Rental Richmond for supporting us and helping with the financial side of things.