Brazil is the place to be!

What’s happening guys and gals?

I’m sure all of you have been following the Olympics over in Rio. Me too!

I’ve been doing some research on places to write about and decided to check out Brazil and all it has to offer. Conclusion? Definitely Z place to be!


Let me give you just a couple of reason why I would go there in a heartbeat!

  1. Handsome guys (and girls)

I’m not in the game as much as I used to be, especially with all the married life and kids that’s going on, but my gosh, those guys just tan and workout! Not too sure how their brain is functioning, but who cares at this point. I’ve also watched a couple of their salsa competitions and boy can they dance! All around country is full of hot dudes… If you’re a guy reading this, which according to my numbers 34 percent of you are, the girls over there are off the hook too!

There is a reason that there are constant commercials on TV about Brazilian butt lift and all that good stuff. Those girls really got it going on and the strange thing, is that I’m not even uncomfortable talking about it, just feels like I’m stating the facts.

2.Beautiful beaches

Yeah, yeah. Some of you will start saying that beaches in Hawaii are the best, or Cali, or Florida… I’m not necessarily stating that Brazil has the best beaches, simply that they are a beauty to relax at. Just watching the Olympics… Did you notice that the first scene, every time the ads are over with, is the lit up beach? Now, it might be that their government prepared the beach for the games and made it all look pretty, but that’s not necessarily the beauty I’m talking about.

Do some research on parts of the country that are not as advanced and people still life in tented homes and have no electricity. beaches over there have no resorts and are almost like virgins. What I mean by that is that humans, haven’t yet corrupted their natural beauty with all the hotels, roads and machinery.

  1. Purity away from the city

As you might have already guessed, I have been looking into this for quite a while now and kept on finding notes from intense travelers (those who just need a backpack and shoes) online, who keep on finding and exploring new places in Brazil. I’m not talking about small towns or anything… More like a plot of land or a hill in the middle of the jungle where no one else would venture out to.

Those explorers have taken hundreds if not thousands of photos of birds and animals I haven’t even seen before. It almost feels like those are species living only in that part of the country and nobody has seen them before. Explorers I have come across, don’t reveal where they’ve found those animals in order to try and save them from going extinct, which is totally understandable, especially these day.

My highest recommendations for you or anyone else looking to travel, would be to go ahead and visit Brazil. Don’t go there for a week or two and stay at a resort, but venture out and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, feel free to thank myself as well as Michael who’s an owner of an asphalt driveway company up in Mobile, Alabama. He has been our follower for over a year now and continues his support even though he’s got a business to run.

Thank you all for reading!